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York Catholic Students Cut Loose in Production of ‘Footloose!’

York Catholic students are exhibiting their musical talents this weekend with the spring performance of “Footloose! The Musical!”

Set in the 1980s, Footloose! The Musical is not just a story about a ban on dancing and rebellion against authority. It’s also a story about people coping with personal and community loss. It’s about a community having their beliefs challenged and letting go of the past to accept things that are new. It is about finding tolerance and understanding that can bring peace in the place of grief. It is about a celebration of life which can build a bridge across generations. It is about the joy that can come when two sides overcome the barriers of “no,” and discover the power of ”yes.”

Show times are Friday, March 1, at 7 p.m.; Saturday, March 2, at 7 p.m.; and Sunday, March 3, at 2 p.m. Adults are $12; students (age 5-18) are $10. All seats are general admission. Tickets can be purchased at the door the night of the show or pre-purchased at

(Photos by Mike Inkrote.)

Stage Director and Set Designer: Isaac Higgins
Assistant Stage Director: Rose Heil
Costume Designer: Dawn Oswald
Choreographer: Jason Genise-Gdula
Musical Pit Director: Cecelia Mezza
Directed by: Curtis Nelson

Ren: Ethan Andrews
Ariel: Ashley Patterson
Shaw: Ben Witmer
Vi: Grace Oakhem
Willard: Ashton Bruno
Rusty: Olivia Struck
Wendy Jo: Rosie Mulligan
Urleen: Abigail Gehring
Lori: Miranda Kovach
Ethel: Madalene Dietrich
Chuck: Michael Le
Cowgirl Bobbie: Natalie Doran
Cowboy Joe: Quinn Heath
Lulu Warnicker: Marley Costlow
Wes Warnicker/Bickle: Jake Patterson
Coach Dunbar: Maddie Folkerts
Eleanor: Ellis Alas
Lyle: Allison Patera
Travis: Alex Scott
Betty Blast: Kayleigh Veach
Principal: Gracelyn Kalbarczyk
Jeter: Fahra Gwynn
Garvin: Georgia Gregory

Kara Dobe
Erin Noel
Juliana Doyle
Caroline O’Neill
Bailey Green
Arianna Smock
Addi Hess
Lily Sturm
Kara Jones
Norah Sweigart
A J Lucas
Taylor Thomas
Brenna C. McKnelly
Anthony Zelis
Kelly Motter

Musical Pit
Flute: Amelia Dobson and Miriam Phillips
Soprano Sax: Hailey Hunter
Tenor Sax: Amelia Dobson, Adonna Farley and Andrew Giesselbach
Baritone Sax: Amelia Dobson
Trumpet: Reid Hess, Parker Kovach, Kyle Olinger, Luke Andrews and Christopher Pautz
Trombone: Tyler Alexander
Guitar: Luke Campbell
Electric Bass: Paolo Gurany
Piano: Chandler Miltsch
Percussion: William Bates, Sean Melhorn and Xavier Springer

Stage and Costume Crew
Stage Managers: Josh Baker and Erin Weller
Assistant Stage Manager: Evan Jarecki
Lighting: Erin Weller
Sound: Ruth Motter
Propmasters: Kara Euclide, Maura Hoffman and Bella Rosenzweig

Build Crew
Jocelyn Amereihn
Joe Baker
Josh Baker
Nathan Cameron
Gabriella Colburn
Kara Euclide
Adaze Ezeadum
Andrew Giesselbach
Georgia Gregory
Ruby Hartman
Addisyn Hess
Kenzie Hess
Maura Hoffman
Hailey Hunter
Gia Intrieri
Evan Jarecki
Elena Lepson
Joshua Liptak
Kensington Maizels
Sofia Maysonet
Kelly Motter
Ruth Motter
Miles Murdocca
Allison Patera
Elizabeth Patera
Christopher Pautz
Matthew Reynoso
Owen Riddle
Andrew Rosenzweig
Isabella Rosenzwig
Luke Ruiz
Ben Schlosser
Nicholas Scott
Emily Shaffer
Addison Shepheard
Marissa Smallwood
Hannah Stover
Lillian Waltersdorff
Erin Weller
Paige Zibell

Run Crew and Run Costume Crew
Jocelyn Amereihn
Joe Baker
Gabby Colburn
Evan Jarecki
Kensington Maizels
Miles Murdocca
Luke Ruiz
Ben Schlosser
Nick Scott
Marissa Smallwood
Lillian Waltersdorff

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