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Trinity High School Attaining the Highest Good for 60 Years

In 1963, Trinity High School first opened its doors on the West Shore of the Capital Region with a mission that was rooted in Catholic tradition to develop young people in mind, body and spirit – Ad Summun Bonum – to the highest good.

Today, some 525 students come through the doors every day where they are challenged with a rigorous Catholic education. On a soggy September 24, Bishop Timothy Senior paid his first pastoral visit to Trinity to celebrate the school’s 60th anniversary Holy Mass for the students, faculty, and supporters. Some of the faithful attending were students there when the school opened six decades ago, and Bishop Senior noted in his opening remarks how important it is to thank those who have gone before and to not lose sight of the sacrifices made by so many to help the school succeed in its mission.

“A school anniversary is a moment for us to pause, to give thanks to God and to all who give so much to this school. But above all, it is a time to give thanks to our young people. We are so very thankful for you,” Bishop Senior said. “God is with us as we gather here today to celebrate this Holy Eucharist and to mark 60 years of Trinity High School.

Some 500 faithful gathered for the Mass, celebrated in the school’s newly refurbished auditorium. In recent months, the school has undergone several notable improvements to the campus. A newly installed turf field has allowed the athletics program to flourish on a field that is not a victim to overuse and poor weather conditions. New practice facilities and training areas also have enhanced the campus, along with interior and exterior improvements to the original building that was visibly showing the age of being 60.

“Yes, Trinity has been providing excellent academic, athletic and arts programs for students to excel in, but the primary mission, as it is with all Catholic schools, is to proclaim the Good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ,” Bishop Senior said in his homily. “This school is here to help provide a relationship with Jesus – an intimate relationship – one in which we are called to magnify Him. We are called to always magnify Christ in how we conduct ourselves and represent this school, the Church. Jesus needs to be visible in us.”

Bishop Senior stressed that God never wants to lose anyone and that He is always wanting us to draw closer to Him. God never stops wanting to bring people into His vineyard, whether it is early in life or later. “People will see Jesus in us by our generosity to others, how we live, the examples we are. It is not about words, but about our examples of how we conduct ourselves every day,” Bishop Senior said.

Since 1963, Trinity High School has been a magnificent example of what is the highest good on the West Shore.

(Photos by Chris Heisey, The Catholic Witness.)

By Chris Heisey, The Catholic Witness

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