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The Holy Spirit: Love in Action

I knew this day would eventually come! I sit here looking at a white screen and a blinking cursor almost laughing at me. I don’t have one story to share. Rather, I have several! I am purely at a loss on which one to share with you this week.

I am thinking of a young couple expecting their first child. However, with this joyous news came the sobering realization that there is a cancerous mass in the mother’s uterus. The doctors suggested abortion followed by a complete hysterectomy and then chemo. The young couple looked at each other and said in unison, “The baby first.” Six months after the healthy baby girl was born, the mom died.

I am thinking of a woman pushing a baby carriage across the street, and the man who saw a car speeding toward them. Pushing the baby carriage and the mother out of the way to safety, the man was hit by the car.

I am thinking of the countless health care providers that put their life on the line as they continue to alleviate the suffering of others during the current pandemic.

Or, the countless ways parents and grandparents sacrifice for their children, grandchildren and for one another.

Or, the individuals looking after their elderly neighbors, making sure that all their needs have been satisfied.

The list can go on and on! I just can’t stop at one story.

Why did these individuals sacrifice in such ways? Because they love.

“The first gift of love is love itself, and all the other gifts emanate from this supreme gift, as from their source. Therefore, the Gift of the love of God is the Holy Spirit. Loving us with the love of friendship and giving us his Spirit is for God one and the same thing. … The love of friendship is mutual. God loves us through the Holy Spirit. So that we may correspond to that infinite love with a love created, to be sure, but also supernatural and divine, when giving himself to us the Holy Spirit pours into our souls the likeness of himself, which is charity.” 1

Remember, in the Act of the Apostles, we first find the scared Apostles locked way in the upper room huddled together. In the midst of the fear of “What’s next?” Pentecost took place. The Holy Spirit transformed these men into courageous and fearless witnesses of Christ! The Holy Spirit allowed them to proclaim Christ’s love for all people. They were the first proclaimers of this love to the whole world. The Holy Spirit gave them the gift of experiencing Trinitarian love!

The Holy Spirit does the same for us. Yes, I know, we might not be called to be as courageous as the Apostles were, but we are still called to do everyday duties with great love. Love can change people. Love in action can change people as well as circumstances around them! “‘God is love’ and love is His first gift, containing all others.  God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us.” (CCC 733, 1 Jn. 4:8)

Hmmm. It seems to me that your story could be added to the stories above!

1Martínez Luis M. The Sanctifier. Pauline Books & Media, 2004. Pg. 12.

By Sister Geralyn Schmidt, SCC, Special to The Witness

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