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St. Teresa of Calcutta Students Dress for Success for Catholic Schools Week Celebration of Vocations

St. Teresa of Calcutta School in Adams County offered a glimpse of the future on Feb. 3, as students dressed as their future career during a Catholic Schools Week celebration of vocations.

The PreK-3 through third grade classrooms at the Conewago campus were enlivened with future pizzeria owners, construction workers, veterinarians, professional gamers, firefighters, writers and Disney characters.

At the McSherrystown campus, students in grades four through eight shared career dreams of being chemists, Scuba diver instructors, zoologists, astronauts, professional athletes, coaches, paleontologists and medical professionals.

Fourth-grader Lauren Sanchez’s career attire included a blouse and a name badge sticker with the title “U.S. Senator.”

“I like to learn about politics, and I enjoy watching the news and current events, so I think I’d like to be a Senator and help lead the country someday,” Lauren told The Catholic Witness.

In Mrs. Janice Garrett’s first-grade class, students shared their knowledge about the various types of vocations, giving examples of clergy and religious, married and single people in their lives.

The celebration of careers and vocations was part St. Teresa’s Catholic Schools Week theme, “Chute” for the Starts and Climb the “Ladder” to Success.

At the Conewago campus that morning, Associate Principal Jesse Read did a double take while watching some of the youngest students at play in the school gym. He crossed paths with a miniature version of himself, Pre-K student Cole Warner dressed as a principal. Both wore matching khaki pants and blue dress shirts. The unplanned attire added that much more surprise for Read.

“I had no idea he was dressing as a principal until I got to school today and one of the teachers told me about it,” Read said. “It’s pretty flattering.”

Cole was serious about his choice. “I’d like to be a principal because it is a very important job at school,” he said.

“Maybe Cole will take over for me this morning, so I can go to Starbucks,” Read joked. “He looks like he’d do a pretty good job.”

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(Photos by Jen Reed, The Catholic Witness.)

By Jen Reed, The Catholic Witness

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