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St. Joseph Church in Lancaster Consecrated to Patron

St. Joseph Church in Lancaster was consecrated to its patron saint on May 1, the Feast of St. Joseph the Worker, during Vespers and a Holy Hour.
Father Allan F. Wolfe, pastor, said, “Continuing the observances for our 170th anniversary as a parish, it brings me much joy to consecrate our parish to St. Joseph! During this unusual pandemic year, many bishops and priests are consecrating their dioceses and parishes to St. Joseph, asking him to intercede on behalf of the Church and the whole world. St. Joseph is very much one of THE saints of our time, and we need his intercession now more than ever.”

He added, “St. Joseph embodies what the world needs at this time: humility, docility to the Holy Spirit, leadership, silence. At a time in our culture when right is wrong, up is down, bad is good, we need his intercession to restore society and families. It is my hope that the families of our parish will be led by the Holy Family, which was led by St. Joseph himself. He will guide us and protect us.”
The consecration to St. Joseph follows upon the parish’s consecration to the Blessed Virgin Mary, which it did on Jan. 1 to begin this new year.
In addition to consecrating the parish to St. Joseph, May 1 marked another noteworthy occasion for St. Joseph’s – the 24th anniversary of the Perpetual Adoration Chapel. Named Holy Family Chapel, it was established by Msgr. Thomas H. Smith in 1996 as a place for people from all parishes in the North Lancaster and South Lancaster Deaneries to spend time with the Lord. Each Holy Hour in the perpetual schedule is taken by volunteers from nearly 10 local parishes.
By Annie Celotto, Special to The Witness

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