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St. Andrew Church Named Best Place of Worship in Waynesboro Award Program

St. Andrew Church Named Best Place of Worship in Waynesboro Award Program

St. Andrew the Apostle Parish in Waynesboro has been the selected as the winner of the 2022 Best of Waynesboro Awards in the Places of Worship category.

The Waynesboro Award Program annually selects the best local businesses in and around the area that exemplify the best that the town has to offer. Award winners often epitomize service and community involvement.

The program gives recognition to those places that have shown the ability to use their best practices and implemented programs that help make the Waynesboro area a great place to live.

Father Robert Malagesi, MSSCC, pastor at the time that the parish received the award, said the recognition is a testimony to the members of St. Andrew Parish.

“When I first learned that St. Andrew’s Catholic Church had been selected out of 40 other Christian Churches as the winner for the 2022 Best of Waynesboro Award in the category of Places of Worship by the Waynesboro Award Program, I was very honored and happy, but not surprised,” he told The Catholic Witness via e-mail.

“I say this because I often hear many good things from people in the community,” he explained. “One example was from the manager (a non-parishioner) of a local business, who described St. Andrew’s as ‘the heart of the community.’”

Father Malagesi also pointed to the testimony of a young Mennonite couple, present for the Easter Vigil with their infant. “When one of our parishioners went to meet them after Mass, she was told that they came that night because their own church offered nothing to commemorate Our Lord in such a complete, reverent and faithful way,” he said.

“St. Andrew’s parishioners are always there with a warm smile, and a friendly greeting to both parishioners and guests,” Father Malagesi said, expressing his gratitude to have served as pastor “of such a beautiful and wonderful parish.”

The parish’s new pastor, Father Christopher Onyeneke, MSSCC, will be installed on July 10.

“Being the ‘heart of the community,’ a Catholic Church proclaiming and living the truth of Jesus Christ in all its fullness and beauty is not meant to be kept a secret, but is meant to be made known to all,” Father Malagesi said. “The award bears testimony to the joyful, lived faith of the St. Andrew’s parishioners in Waynesboro.”

Learn more about St. Andrew Parish at, and the awards program at About Us (

(Photo courtesy of St. Andrew the Apostle Parish.)

By Jen Reed, The Catholic Witness

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