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Resurrection Students Welcome Bishop Senior into Their School Experience on All Saints Day

Formation of the body, mind and spirit is a hallmark of Catholic schools, where students grow in their faith, education and humanity. At Resurrection Catholic School in Lancaster, students presented Bishop Timothy Senior with a glimpse into their experience as students.

The visit began with the celebration of Mass by Bishop Senior, at which students served as altar servers, lectors, musicians and choir members. Marking the feast of All Saints, Bishop Senior told the students of their call to be saints as well, and to live lives of holiness.

Following the Mass, students welcomed the bishop into their classrooms, hallways and gym, where he greeted all the students, asked them about their education, and enjoyed a stint as the traffic director in a spirited game of red light green light with a group of first graders.

Principal Ellen Amarante, in her first year of leadership at the school, expressed her appreciation for the bishop’s openness with the students.

“My lasting impression of the day is that he was so generous with his time, going to every class, speaking with every child, and giving them the attention they sought,” she said. “He was very present and ready to engage students in every way possible.”

“I was also very thankful for the message he gave in his homily, about the privilege and responsibility we have to strive to be saints and on the universal call to holiness,” Amarante said. “It’s a message we’ve been stressing here at our school, and I know the students will respond to that call as it comes from the bishop. He is someone our students respect and look up to.”

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(Photos by Chris Heisey, The Catholic Witness.)

By Jen Reed, The Catholic Witness

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