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Religious Sisters Recognized for Milestone Jubilees

The Diocese hosted its annual celebration for religious Sisters who are observing milestone anniversaries this year. The Jubilarians were joined by members of their respective religious congregations, as Bishop Timothy Senior and Father Mark Speitel, Diocesan Secretary for Clergy and Religious Life, concelebrated Mass and joined them for a luncheon at the Diocesan Center in Harrisburg on Saturday, April 13.

“It is an awesome gift, your charism – it dates back in this area to before the Diocese was even formed,” Bishop Senior told the congregation of Sisters, who represented eight communities serving in the Diocese.

“How many times in your lives have you reached out, been the bridge, been the face of Christ to people on the margins – that too is an awesome and great gift,” the bishop said.

“How many storms has the Church been through in Harrisburg and the role of religious during those times has brought calm during that storm – some very recently, as a matter of fact. We give thanks to God for you…for your faithfulness and for your solid commitment,” he said.

(Photos by Chris Heisey, The Catholic Witness.)

By Jen Reed, The Catholic Witness

2024 Jubilarians

75 Years
Sister M. Susan Polchin, SSCM

70 Years
Sister Mary Clare Reineberg, ASC
Sister Ann Joseph Dye, CGS
Sister Bernardine Lolli, DM
Sister Mary Patricia Connelly
Sister Irene Rose Kmetz, SSCM

65 Years
Sister Maria Theresa Hronec, SSCM
Sister Joseph Therese Pohorenec, SSCM

60 Years
Sister Maria Salvatoris Capitani, DM
Sister Patricia McGuigan, IHM
Sister M. Thomas More Dzurnak, SSCM
Sister M. Philothea Fabian, SSCM
Sister Jane Keller, SSJ

55 Years
Sister Suzanne Duzen, SSCM
Sister Michael Ann Orlik, SSCM
Sister Sara Swayze, SSCM

50 Years
Sister Brenda Query, IHM

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