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Relic of Saint Jude the Apostle Making a Stop in the Diocese of Harrisburg

Relic of Saint Jude the Apostle making a stop in the Diocese of HarrisburgHARRISBURG, Pa. – On Monday, November 6, a relic of the Arm of Saint Jude the Apostle will make a stop in the Diocese of Harrisburg. The relic will be publicly displayed at Holy Name of Jesus Church, 6150 Allentown Blvd., Harrisburg. Veneration of the relic will be available from 1 p.m. to 10 p.m. Bishop Timothy Senior, Bishop of Harrisburg, will celebrate a special Mass in honor of Saint Jude at 7 p.m. This public stop of the relic is part of a national tour, Apostle of the Impossible: the Tour of the Relics of St. Jude the Apostle, sponsored by Treasures of the Church. This is the first time the relic of the Arm of Saint Jude has left Italy.

“I encourage the faithful of the Diocese to join us for Holy Mass and veneration of this relic of the Apostle of the Impossible. November is the time in our Church calendar when we specifically remember our beloved dead, including the saints. As the patron saint of lost causes, I encourage those going through a challenging situation to join us for this special evening,” said Bishop Senior.

Saint Jude was the son of Mary of Cleopas, a relative of the Blessed Virgin Mary, who was one of the “three Marys” who stood by Jesus during His Crucifixion. Saint Jude was one of the Apostle of Christ and he evangelized in Judea, Mesopotamia and Persia. Saint Jude is the patron saint of lost causes and desperate situations. He was martyred for the faith and his body buried in the city of Beirut. Sometime after his death, his remains were transferred to Rome during the time of Emperor Constantine. His tomb rests directly below the main altar of Saint Joseph in the left transept of St. Peter’s Basilica.

The Catholic tradition of venerating relics is not worship but a way to honor and draw near to the saints and to petition for their prayers since they are with God (Wisdom 3:1). The explanation of the Catholic practice of the veneration of relics, complete with references for its scriptural foundation, can be found at The relic will be making many stops throughout the United States through May of 2024. More information on this national tour can be found at

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