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Obituaries – November 23

The names of the following deceased persons have been submitted by their parishes. Please remember in your prayers the happy repose of these recently departed souls and the consolation of their loved ones.

St. Paul the Apostle:
Mary Greeley
Joseph Novosel, Jr.
Mary Kreider

Christ the King:
Joanna Mary Sarisky

Blue Ridge Summit
St. Rita:
Kathy J. Smith-Mellott

Camp Hill
Good Shepherd:
Rich Tamanosky
James Dorrian
Robert Faiola
Theresa Zack
Mary Eleanor Patterson
Jacqueline Boyer
Joann Wade
Mary Sue Gill

St. Patrick:
Julie Powell

Holy Trinity:
Peter Zipp
Flor M. Vargas
Mary Ann Daly
James Schlotthauer
Teri O’Donnell
Richard Dick Horn
Mary Lou Lawson
Joseph Datesman
Margaret Tillman
George Mable
Joyce Warfel
Anna Horner
James Blymier
Deborah Lehman

Immaculate Conception BVM:
Tina Elicker

Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament:
Marjorie McCarthy
Mary Heffron

St. Francis of Assisi:
Jim Fitzgibbon
Elaine Scantlebury
Henrietta Hudson

St. Margaret Mary:
Susan Crowley Hatfield
Anna Shepos
Colleen Chrisemer
Lydia Miller

St. Joan of Arc:
Lucy Cavrich
Ronald Duquette
Tressa Ercole

Holy Angels:
Joseph Lubeskie
Jennifer Orrego

St. Joseph:
Verna T. Dorn
Joyce E. Yeager
Robert Lee Carr

St. Cecilia:
Eugenie “Genie” Potters

St. Richard:
Joseph “Joe” Staffieri

Seven Sorrows BVM:
Katelyn Uhl

St. Philip the Apostle:
Margaret Casieri
Jerome Wisnosky

Mount Carmel
Divine Redeemer:
Helen Pachuski
Donna Marie Sawicki
Vigilia A. “Gilly” Elgin

New Freedom
St. John the Baptist:
Jane Traynor
John Bach
Barbara Cimbolo
Teresa Lambert
William “Wil” Smith
Charles “Chuck” Chlumsky

New Holland
Our Lady of Lourdes:
Charles Cox

St. Pius X:
Gloria Hunt

St. Andrew the Apostle:
Thomas Cassidy, Sr.
MSgt. Joseph C. Skoskie
Robert Leo Topper

Immaculate Conception BVM:
Iris Perez-Sackey

St. Joseph:
Carolyn Tassia

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