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Obituaries – November 10

The names of the following deceased persons have been submitted by their parishes. Please remember in your prayers the happy repose of these recently departed souls and the consolation of their loved ones.

St. Columba:
Ned Wagner

Camp Hill
Good Shepherd:
Nickolas Pritchard

St. Patrick:
Kathleen Vrabel
Francis Wilson
Margaret Myers

Holy Trinity:
Fred Smith, Sr.
Jewel Adkins
Joe Haldeman
Alan Barninger
Albert Schmitt
Donald Nikolaus
Bridget Lehane
Sally Lutz
Doris Smith
Robert Schmitt
James McCarty
Patricia Smith
Carl Grab, Jr.
Mechthild Haller
Robert J. Horn

Immaculate Conception BVM:
Virginia Rosenberry

St. Catherine Labouré:
Samuel A. Marsico
Rosemarie Conrad

St. Joan of Arc:
Fred Sanders
Ronald Duquette
Peter Valania
Dolores Rossi
William Hensinger
Sylvia Luttrell
Jim Gibbs

Assumption BVM:
Garrett Morgan

St. John Neumann:
Donald Brubaker
Sylvia Trees
Norma Hetrick
James Farrell

St. Joseph:
Anna P. Thompson
Hugh D. “Bud” Engle
Mary Ann Rumberger

St. Cecilia:
Doris Roth
Patricia M. Meagher

Annunciation BVM:
Michael Yantis
Daniel Brown, Sr.
Mary Smith
Henry Martin, Jr.
Helen Lawrence

Seven Sorrows BVM:
Thomas Divittore
Mario Corradi
Jeff Enck

St. Philip the Apostle:
James Anderson
Joseph Fritz, Jr.
Colette Hipolit

Mount Carmel
Our Lady of Mount Carmel:
Angelo Toter
John Strocko
Frank Paczkowski
Mary Chapman
Rose Shannon

Mount Joy
Mary, Mother of the Church:
Mary Beck
Rosemarie Mraz

New Cumberland
St. Theresa:
Harry Morgan
Harold Berrian
Barry Houser

New Freedom
St. John the Baptist:
Mary Bauer
Joann Novasatka

New Holland
Our Lady of Lourdes:
Joan Brancato

St. Catherine of Siena:
Polly Hoffman

St. Pius X:
Linda Heikel

Prince of Peace:
James J. Murlin, Sr.
Sandra Spoljaric
Gertrude Saunders

St. Joseph:
Barbara McEachern
Mary Ann Williams
Agnes Mugler
Regina Tomlinson
Geraldine Buckel

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