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Obituaries – May 14

The names of the following deceased persons have been submitted by their parishes. Please remember in your prayers the happy repose of these recently departed souls and the consolation of their loved ones. The deadline for submissions to the weekly Parish Obituaries listing is Wednesday at 4:30 p.m. Please send all submissions to

Immaculate Heart of Mary:
Dr. Jose Garcia
William Dillman
Blue Ridge Summit
St. Rita:
Stanley McIntire
Buchanan Valley
St. Ignatius Loyola:
Clara Redding
St. Patrick:
Zetta Esper
Sacred Heart of Jesus:
Doris M. Shrader
Immaculate Conception BVM:
Constance Farabaugh
St. Mark the Evangelist:
Fred Karinshak
Paul Smithers
St. Vincent de Paul:
Carol Marzek
Dorothy Rippeon
Joanne Reese
Holy Name of Jesus:
Judith Williams
Cecelia K. McNally
William R. Montone
Eugene P. Zerance, Sr.
Marlene A. Wheeler
St. Catherine Labouré:
Elaine Keisling
Charles Maxwell
St. Margaret Mary:
Elmer Rolla
Ida Mae Culhane
William Lyons
Holy Angels:
Rita Buggy
Assumption BVM:
Richard E. Buckwalter
St. John Neumann:
Jim Toole
Norman Koltunovich
Jerry Walsh
Bob Wells

St. Joseph:
Charlotte A. Dicola
Salvatore T. Crowther, Jr.
Susan Marie Snyder Bleacher
Geraldine L. DiCrocco
Charles Rathsam
Florence M. Patterson
Harold Sheaffer
Dawn Sheaffer
Betty J. Hamaker
Patricia R. Bostick
Charlotte M. Geib
Dale A. Pasker
Richard E. Painter
Amalie M. “Molly” Reynolds
Joan Lyn DeBakey
Rosemary Gramola
Gloria M. Myers
Betty Lou Weaver
Margaret W. Wilhelm
Frances M. Bair
Deacon Martin C. Light, Sr.
Robert M. Landis
Sacred Heart of Jesus:
Richard Greb
Verne Wolfe
Thomas Downs
Frank Yurkoski
Eleanor Tanner
Barbara Roy
Sherri Morrison
Sacred Heart of Jesus:
Genevieve “Jean” Gregos
St. Aloysius:
Leonard J. Kersheskey
Pauline Orendorff
St. Richard:
Ruth Damback
Joseph Hennessey
Annunciation BVM:
Ava Lawrence
Rodney C. Rider
Nicholas J. Staub
Donald Bollinger
St. Joseph:
Patricia Herceg
Doug Jorich
St. Katharine Drexel:
Joan Danko

Seven Sorrows BVM:
Henry Via
St. Philip the Apostle:
Raymond H. Beach
Regina Miller
Thomas Shultz
Carmine Taglieri
Maria Wendt
Mount Carmel
Divine Redeemer:
Thomas J. Cole, Sr.
New Cumberland
St. Theresa:
Susan Easton
Joseph Semenkow
Margaret Zeplin
New Freedom
St. John the Baptist:
Robert Roy Bushman, Sr.
Mary “Betty” Colbert
Linda Greer
James Schmidt
St. Catherine of Siena:
Mary Jean Ross
Joseph McKelvey
Roaring Creek
Our Lady of Mercy:
Hilda S. Doraski
St. Leo the Great:
John R. Hussar
Our Lady of the Visitation:
Zina Trifon Pintozzi
William P. Rhodes
Prince of Peace:
Joyce A. Horner
Ann Rudman
St. Joseph:
Joseph Spangler
Joseph Khai Vu
Catherine Maria Moroz
Anthony Surtasky

Deceased Clergy

Please pray for the following clergy who died in May during the past 25 years:

Msgr. George Lentocha, 1997

Father John Smith, 1999

Msgr. Hubert J. McGuire, 2003

Father John Campion, 2010

Father Richard P. Waldron, 2011

Bishop Joseph P. McFadden, 2013

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Submission Deadline

The deadline for submissions to the biweekly Notebook/Parish Obituaries listing is every other Wednesday at 4:30 p.m. Please refer to the Publication Schedule for edition dates and deadlines.

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