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Obituaries – May 1

The names of the following deceased persons have been submitted by their parishes. Please remember in your prayers the happy repose of these recently departed souls and the consolation of their loved ones. The deadline for submissions to the weekly Parish Obituaries listing is Wednesday at 4:30 p.m. Please send all submissions to

Christ the King:
Gerald Zeveney
St. Columba:
John F. Miller
Jane H. Heuermann
Margaret S. Sponenberg
Blue Ridge Summit:
St. Rita:
Shirley Ford
Stanley McIntire
St. Joseph the Worker:
Charlene Orndorff
St. Patrick:
Thomas J. Dermott
Dorothy G. Valley
Coal Township
Our Lady of Hope:
Loretta Greco
Alphonse J. Sieklicki
Immaculate Conception BVM:
Sylvia Rosensteel
Mary Ann Slazinski
Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament:
Joni B. Wade
St. Catherine Labouré:
Marguerite MacDonald
Ruth Wittle
St. Joan of Arc:
Beth Frola
Vae Tancredi

Holy Angels:
Joseph Miriello, Sr.
Myron Troyanosky
Assumption BVM:
Rita Boyd
Julia Gottschall
Assumption BVM:
Salvatore H. Ferrara
Edgard Lesher, Sr.
Giuseppa Passalacqua
Gloria Mae Tatar
Cyril W. Werth
St. Cecilia:
Mary Ann Gomez
Judi Long
Elizabeth Rivera
Annunciation BVM:
Emily Smith
D. Michael Vial
St. Joseph:
Raymond Bolster
Anne Grasha
Jeanne Rusnak
James Smith
Seven Sorrows BVM:
Joan Matincheck
Linda E. Roberts
St. Joseph:
Beatrice Gharett

Mount Carmel
Divine Redeemer:
Carrie M. Sawicki
New Cumberland
St. Theresa:
Joan Costello
Susan Easton
Dorothy Lingenfelter
Joseph Murphy
Joan Raudenbush
Joseph Semenkow
Margaret Zeplin
New Freedom
St. John the Baptist:
Mary “Betty” Colbert
Robert Christian Geiser
Joyce Malone
St. Catherine of Siena:
Julia Eckman
Joe McKelvey
St. Leo the Great:
Patricia M. Nicklaus
Rene D. Rheault
Patrick V. Wippel
St. Pius X:
Anne Veronick
Immaculate Conception BVM:
Pat Hoyt
Ed Mann, Sr.
St. Rose of Lima:
Alfred Figaszewski

Deceased Clergy

Please pray for the following clergy who died in May during the past 25 years:

Msgr. George Lentocha, 1997

Father John Smith, 1999

Msgr. Hubert J. McGuire, 2003

Father John Campion, 2010

Father Richard P. Waldron, 2011

Bishop Joseph P. McFadden, 2013

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Submission Deadline

The deadline for submissions to the biweekly Notebook/Parish Obituaries listing is every other Wednesday at 4:30 p.m. Please refer to the Publication Schedule for edition dates and deadlines.

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