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New Innovation Center at St. Patrick School in Carlisle Blessed by Bishop Senior

On a beautiful warm April day last spring, ground was broken for a new Innovation Center at St. Patrick School in Carlisle. Only 10 months later, on a cold, raw January 28, the beautiful, spacious learning facility was blessed by Bishop Timothy Senior.

The STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) Wing connects to the existing school with a spacious, natural-light filled environment to allow students to utilize the large, multi-purpose areas to operate 3D printers, study anatomy through various science projects, practice the creative arts like sculpture via a kiln or visual design while also giving the school a place to continue to foster its successful music program. It’s a dynamic, cutting-edge center that offers the 400-plus students at St. Patrick ample opportunities to explore the arts and sciences at a higher level.

In her comments at the blessing, Antoinette Oliverio, principal, fittingly quoted Pope Benedict XVI: “‘Art, along with science, is the highest gift God has given man.’”

“We are growing this school and the school continues to grow,” Oliverio said. “We are one of the few schools in the area that can offer this kind of learning environment…. I cannot wait to see how the children of St. Pat’s will experiment, explore, invent and create here. Without all of us together, this vision would never have turned into reality.”

The center benefited from a number of donors who made large contributions to the project, but it also has received the generous support of all the St. Patrick’s faithful whom Father Donald Bender, pastor, acknowledged during his remarks. “This is more than a STEAM wing, it is a place for creative and new ideas to blossom and grow from the next generation of leaders in our world,” he said.

Bishop Senior celebrated Holy Mass with the faithful filling the church prior to the blessing ceremony. He noted in his homily that it was the beginning of Catholic Schools Week across the Diocese and what better way to mark this week than to bless a new facility where students can grow holistically.

“It is a wonderful testament to your parish’s vitality that you support this new innovation center,” Bishop Senior said in his homily. “I want to thank all the benefactors and parishioners who have supported this wonderful new addition…. Catholic education is about proclaiming the truth courageously and over these last seven months since I became your bishop, I am even more convinced that Catholic education is vital to our society. Here we teach the whole person…. We need to be prophets in our world. Let His voice prompt us to be that prophetic witness.”

(Photos by Chris Heisey, The Catholic Witness.)

By Chris Heisey, The Catholic Witness

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