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Holy Spirit Parishioners in Palmyra Warmly Welcome Bishop Senior on the Second Sunday of Lent

Father Anthony Dill, pastor of the Church of the Holy Spirit in Palmyra, recently invited Bishop Timothy Senior to celebrate the Holy Eucharist and February 25 was chosen – the Second Sunday of Lent, when the Gospel reading recounts Jesus’ miraculous transfiguration upon the mountaintop with disciples Peter, James and John as Moses and Elijah appear before Jesus.

Radiant rays of sun splashed through the new stained-glass windows recently installed at Holy Spirit, as Bishop Senior celebrated Holy Mass for the faithful who filled the church. Located throughout the church were banners hung over pews to highlight all the vibrant ministries that clearly are continuing to grow under the leadership of Father Dill.

Bishop Senior thanked Father Dill for his priestly leadership at the Lebanon County parish. In his homily, he invited the faithful to think about the transfigurative moments in their lives. “A transfiguring moment for me was when my mother died at the age of 99 four years ago. We were very close and so many people helped us through a very difficult time…. Yet it was a transfiguring moment for me.”

In our moments of struggles, confusion and difficulty, God taps us on the shoulder and invites us to know that He is with us, that He is there for us, the bishop said. “God really is involved in our lives and when He taps us on the shoulder, He is telling us that something great is happening in our lives even when we are busy or focused elsewhere…. Abraham trusted God completely and God asks the same of all of us, too.”

“I just want to thank Bishop Senior for coming to our church on such short notice and for his availability,” Father Dill said after Mass. “Bishop Senior has been traveling all over the Diocese in recent months trying to meet everyone in the parishes that he possibly can. I respect and admire him for that, and we are grateful that he came to celebrate with us and meet us in Palmyra.”

(Photos by Chris Heisey, The Catholic Witness.)

By Chris Heisey, The Catholic Witness

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