Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Eucharistic Revival Series: Who Are You?

Who are you?  … No, who ARE you?

How many of us would answer that question by stating our name, what we do for a living, or information about our family?

The truth lies in the fact that we are much more than all those answers! If I pressed you to continue the list to answer this question, you might eventually get to “A child of God.” This is WHO we are! This IS our identity. I don’t believe that the average person has truly owned this reality. The person that I find looking back at me in the mirror IS a daughter of GOD! ME. A sinner. I have this dignity because of the love and mercy of God.

By owning this identity from the very bottom of our hearts, we change not only our perspective but also whose authority under which we live. Let me explain.

By answering the original question with your name, occupation, etcetera, you are identifying yourself with the earth and THIS world. While these answers are not wrong, they are not totally correct, either. You see, the Evil One, or Satan, began his rule the moment that our first parents rejected God and chose self-rule. Remember, the snake told Adam and Eve if they ate of the fruit from the tree, they would be like God, knowing (or rather choosing) what is good and bad. Their choice, not God’s. Relativism was rampant even back then! Ever since that moment, evil entered the world, changing our perspective and making us look away from our true birthright: heaven.

We should look upward because that is where our future lies! I know, you are going to say to me, “Sister, we live in THIS world!” We certainly do, but by owning the fact that we are a Son or Daughter of God, we begin to live in a state of amazement. Such a perspective allows us to peek into a reality of this world that is often hidden from us. Amazement allows us to glory in the beauty of creation, the beauty of the people around us. Amazement allows us to give God the glory, and not ourselves.

Recently, I was listening to a podcast by Chris Stenfanick.1 In it, Chris quoted G. K. Chesterton, who said, “The world is dry not for lack of wonders but for the lack of wonder.” He also quoted the comedian Lewis C.K. who said, “Everything is amazing today and no one is happy!”

The fact that we ARE the Daughters and Sons of God should awake wonder and awe in our hearts. This brings about reverence and honor not only to the people living under our roofs but even to those who are on the opposite of any topic that we find ourselves. It allows us to peer at the footprints and fingerprints of God in our lives, all around us. It allows us to see beyond mere bread and wine and see Divinity. It gives us faith in the words of Jesus Christ, who said, “This is my body. … This is my blood.”

Be full of wonder that your God comes to you as food to strengthen you to maintain wonder, to look up and see Him! THAT is absolutely amazing.

1 https://youtu.be/qscUi9hrlgI?si=ZsNc9PUQAgQ0X8_q

By Sister Geralyn Schmidt, SCC, The Catholic Witness

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