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During Visit to Delone Catholic, Bishop Tells Students to Follow the Guidance of the Spirit

Celebrating a Votive Mass of the Holy Spirit for the school community at Delone Catholic High School, Bishop Timothy Senior told the students to follow the guidance of the Spirit as they discern their path in life.

“The Spirit lives within us and, as such, the Spirit is always there to direct us and guide us, whether in the ordinary circumstances of life or in the big choices as we seek to discover what God has called us to be,” he said.

The Mass was concelebrated by the bishop and several priests of the Adams Deanery on Monday, November 20, as part of a series of visits the bishop is making to all six of the Diocese’s high schools now through January.

“The most wonderful aspect of any Catholic school is that you’re able to speak about the fact that each one of us has been created by God, who loves us beyond imagining,” the bishop told the students.

“He has made you just the way you are, with all your gifts and talents, to discover His plan for your life. In this high school, you’re given the opportunity the connection with God to ask Him what He’s calling you to,” he said. “For some of you young men, that might be a calling to the priesthood. For some of you young women, that might be a call to religious life.”

“Develop a relationship with Jesus during your time here at Delone, and be always open to following where the Spirit is guiding you,” the bishop said.

After the Mass, several senior members of the student body joined principal William Lippe, campus minister Kate Phenicie and school chaplain Father Samuel Miller in welcoming the bishop and the clergy to a reception in the school’s Spiritual Life Center.

During the casual gathering, Bishop Senior and the students enjoyed an informal conversation, during which he asked them about their plans after graduation, their hopes and concerns for their future, and the education and support they’ve received from Delone.

Later in the morning, the bishop received a tour of the school and enjoyed a luncheon with members of the school’s board of directors.

Seniors Caroline Payne, Lillian Dessecker and Mary Fisher said they were impressed with Bishop Senior’s interest in their lives and the message he shared.

“When he talked about God having a plan for our lives, I really felt what he was saying in the homily,” Caroline said. “I often hear people say, ‘God has a plan,’ but it’s hard to actually believe it sometimes, especially when things are going wrong. But the bishop related it to his life and the plan God had for him, and you could see how things worked out for him. It makes me have hope that God’s plan for me will happen and it will be good.”

“It was a great message, especially for the seniors,” Dessecker added. “Everyone’s wondering about where we’re going after high school, and it can be scary and stressful because some don’t know where they’re going to college, so the bishop’s message was comforting.”

“Talking to the bishop was just like talking to a friend,” she said. “He seemed very interested in us and in our school. He was smiling and excited to see us, and that made me feel calm and appreciated.”

“He also mentioned that we’re so lucky and blessed that we can have a Catholic education, and that we have a support system to get us where we need to go. I really felt it when he said that, because it’s so true here at Delone,” Fisher remarked.

Having transferred in her sophomore year, Fisher said her experience at Delone has been uplifting and supportive.

“I have some learning disabilities and if it wasn’t for Delone, I wouldn’t feel comfortable in my education. If you’re having anxiety or feeling troubled, you can feel safe here,” she said. “At Delone, you have friends and people who work here that are building you up and supporting you in your journey as you grow closer to God.”

Learn more about Delone Catholic High School at www.delonecatholic.org.

(Photos by Jen Reed, The Catholic Witness.)

By Jen Reed, The Catholic Witness

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