Thursday, May 23, 2024

Diocese Celebrates Mass of Thanksgiving for New Catholics

As the RCIA season drew to a close for candidates and catechumens, the Diocese of Harrisburg invited RCIA teams, participants and their families for a Mass of Thanksgiving on May 22 at St. Patrick Cathedral in Harrisburg. Dozens of people who were newly-initiated and newly received into the Church were joined by sponsors and loved ones at the Mass to thank God for His blessings on the newest members of the Catholic family.

In his homily, Bishop Gainer told the congregation that the Eucharist is “the finest, the fullest expression of the unity that is ours in the Body of Christ.”

He expressed gratitude to God for their response to heed His call to join the Church.

“This Mass is the source and summit of our harmony and unity, in union with one another and with Our Savior, Jesus,” he said.

“Each of us becomes the locus where God dwells on earth,” Bishop Gainer said. “That happened to us through Baptism, through the gift of the sealing of God the Holy Spirit, and each time Jesus comes within us as our food and drink in Holy Communion.”

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(Photos by Chris Heisey, The Catholic Witness.)

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