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Diocese Announces Formation Program for Spiritual Directors

To accommodate the growing desire among the faithful for guidance in the spiritual life, the Diocese of Harrisburg is providing for the formation and supervision of spiritual guides. This formation program assists up to 15 candidates in discerning the call to this ministry, and – through a doctrinally sound, systematic, and applied study of the interior life – prepares them to offer spiritual direction in their parishes.
This program seeks candidates with the capacity to emulate St. John of the Cross’s three-fold characteristics of a spiritual director: learned (in ascetical and mystical theology), experienced (in contemplative prayer), and discreet.
The program consists of prayerful accompaniment, at a pace that allows for personal reflection, contemplation, internalization and integration of the sources.
Using a spiraling curriculum, the program introduces the essentials of the interior life during the first year, moves into a deeper and more precise exploration of those essentials during the second year, and culminates in an immersion, through study and practicum during the third year.
The third year includes a supervised practicum in spiritual direction, to take place in each candidate’s parish.  Toward the end of the second year, candidates will discern, in consultation with their pastors, how best to promote their availability within the parish. During the practicum, the candidate will be limited to working with two directees, with monthly supervision. Upon successful completion of the program, lay candidates assume a private practice and are recognized by the Diocese as a spiritual guide, located at their parish, yet open to all members of the Diocese.
The team of individuals who developed this program are Sister Geralyn Schmidt, SCC, Director of Formation of the Wives of the Diaconate and Diocesan WAN Coordinator; and Carol Morel, BODV, MACM. They work in consultation with Ryan Bolster, Diocesan Director of Adult Education and Catechist Formation.
The formation team also brings together an Advisory Formation Board consisting of clergy and lay members.  In addition, a priest of the Diocese functions as the chaplain for all those involved in the program.
Only candidates recommended by their pastors will be considered.
Applications are due August 21, 2020. To inquire, contact Sister Geralyn Schmidt, SCC, at, 717-685-4168, ext. 254, or 717-712-9298 (mobile).
Read a Q&A interview with Carol Morel, spiritual director, here.
(Carol Morel is a lay spiritual director and a team member of the Diocesan program for the formation of spiritual directors.)
By Carol Morel, BODV, MACM, Special to The Witness

Are you called to be a Spiritual Guide?

The Diocese of Harrisburg’s Formation for the Ministry of Spiritual Direction is accepting applications from those individuals who may be called to be a “true servant of the living tradition of prayer.” (CCC 2690)

This three year program of formation is designed for adults experienced in the spiritual life who are seeking to discern this call and to deepen “the gifts of wisdom, faith, and discernment” (CCC 2690) given by the Spirit for this ministry, as well as the necessary qualities, presence and interpersonal skills.

Formation sessions will meet monthly at the Diocesan Center in Harrisburg, or through Zoom.

For more information, contact:
Sr. Geralyn Schmidt, SCC
717.685.4168 ext. 254 or
717.712.9298 (mobile)
Applications due by August 21, 2020

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