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Diocesan Pastoral Council Holds Inaugural Meeting

Fulfilling his promise to involve more lay member in Diocesan operations, Bishop Ronald Gainer hosted the first meeting of the Diocesan Pastoral Council in early February. This board includes nearly 30 lay members, two religious sisters, two permanent deacons and two priests.
The Council is a consultative board that assists Bishop Gainer by providing advice, presenting his questions to the faithful whom the council members represent, and assisting with researching and coordinating Diocesan programs and activities. This Council also assists the faithful by presenting their concerns to Bishop Gainer, serving as a constructive means of communication between the faithful and Bishop Gainer.
The council members include:

  • Most Rev. Ronald W. Gainer, DD, JCL
  • Sister Mary Joseph Albright, SCC, Sisters’ Council
  • Deacon Gregory Amarante, Council of Deacons
  • Cheryl Bannon, Franklin Deanery
  • Joseph Brokus, Northumberland Deanery
  • Rebecca Davis, Young Adult Ministry
  • Mai Do, Multicultural Ministries (Vietnamese)
  • Margarita Elorriaga, Adams Deanery
  • Mike Gauthier, York Deanery
  • Leo Goodman, Presbyteral Council of Priests
  • Barbara Goss, South Lancaster Deanery
  • Deacon Peter Jupin, Council of Deacons
  • Kelly Krakowski, Dauphin Deanery
  • Sangkook Lee, Multicultural Ministries (Korean)
  • Sangkook Lee, Multicultural Ministries (Korean)
  • Judy Machesic, Northern Deanery
  • Angelé Mbassi, Multicultural Ministries (Black Catholic)
  • John McGeary, Northern Deanery
  • Frances McGuire, Northumberland Deanery
  • Beth McMasters, Adams Deanery
  • Barbara Murdocca, York Deanery
  • Sister Michael Ann Orlik, SSCM, Sisters’ Council
  • Gary Parzanese, Renewal Movements (Cursillo)
  • Christopher Pastal, Lebanon Deanery
  • Charles Persing, Presbyteral Council of Priests
  • Joseph Plum, Lebanon Deanery
  • Francine Redman, North Lancaster Deanery
  • Cecilia Ritchey, Renewal Movements (Charismatic)
  • Terri Rosenstein, Cumberland/Perry Deanery
  • Joseph Sabol, Cumberland/Perry Deanery
  • Noelia Saez, Multicultural Ministries (Hispanic)
  • Roseanne Settino, North Lancaster Deanery
  • Miss Ava Smith, Diocesan Youth Council
  • Alicia Spelfogel, College Campus Ministry
  • Jacob Vanier, Franklin Deanery
  • Patrick Whalen, South Lancaster Deanery
  • Paul Zabroske, Persons with Disabilities
  • Gary Zemba, Dauphin Deanery

This council will consider various ministry areas, including liturgical and sacramental life, works of charity, evangelization, social concerns, religious education and administration.
We will have a more in depth story on the Diocesan Pastoral Council and their first meeting in the March 6 issue of The Catholic Witness.

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