Sunday, June 23, 2024

Catholic Schools Grow by More Than 6%

HARRISBURG, Pa. – Most Rev. Ronald W. Gainer, Bishop of Harrisburg, and Mr. Daniel Breen, Secretary for Education and Superintendent of Catholic Schools for the Diocese, announced today that enrollment in the Diocesan Catholic schools has increased by 6.5% over the fall 2020 numbers. This is the first enrollment increase seen in our schools since 2013. The increase equates to more than 580 new students attending the Catholic schools in the Diocese, and represents the single largest one-year increase on record.

“Our 36 Catholic schools continue to strive for excellence in educating nearly 10,000 students across the Diocese. This enrollment increase is positive news for our Catholic school system and is a testimony to the excellent education, in mind, body and spirit, that students receive in our schools,” said Bishop Gainer.

“As a Diocese, we are providing trainings and resources to our schools and strive to walk alongside them in the whole enrollment process. This enrollment growth, which is the first we have experienced in eight years, is a positive sign that Catholic education is strong in our Diocese,” said Breen. “It is also a sign that families are seeing the added value of what we offer, and that we are looking to the future as a system of schools.  It is notable that 85% of the students who came to us from public school last year have remained in school with us this year.  This increase is the direct result of the daily excellence of our teachers, and of the tireless efforts of our principals, presidents, pastors, and school leaders in offering exceptional schools where our students thrive.”

The enrollment increase is also due in part to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Catholic schools in the Diocese, through planning and successful safety measures, have been able to meet the needs of students and families, and have remained open for in-person education in the 2020-21 and 21-22 school years.

The Diocese has approximately 10,000 students enrolled at 36 schools. High School students in the Diocese typically have a graduation rate over 98% and annually are offered more than $40 million in scholarship funds. Families are always welcome to explore the benefits of a Catholic education. Please visit to learn more.

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