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Catholic bishops of Ukraine and Poland say Russia tensions pose ‘great danger’

Pray for peace and justice in Ukraine. God is the Lord of history and the Lover of Humankind. His grace changes the most hardened hearts.

Lancaster Parishioner Documents Healing Pilgrimage in ‘Return to Lourdes’ Film

Traveling when you are sick is tough for anyone. For those whose suffering prompts a pilgrimage to the sacred shrine of Lourdes, France, the trip is even more difficult.

Kaupas Center’s Winter Service Project Assists Mount Carmel Area Parishes

Six college students spent part of their Christmas holiday break helping others through the sixth winter service program sponsored by the Mother Maria Kaupas Center in Mount Carmel.

‘It’s A Wonderful Life:’ Respect Life Mass Celebrates Beauty and Dignity of Every Person

Back-dropped by vibrant red poinsettias still flourishing from the celebration of Our Lord’s birth, Bishop Ronald Gainer turned to a well-loved Christmas movie as a herald of the Church’s efforts in the pro-life movement.

Remembering Sue Hartman, Who Gave 39 Years of Service to the Diocese

Work was life for Sue Hartman, and she relished it as part of who she was. Working steadfastly and quietly – most often behind the scenes – she gave 39 years of support and service as a secretary and administrative assistant at the Diocesan Center.

Join in the Nationwide Novena to Pray for the Protection of Life

Join thousands of Catholics nationwide in the annual pro-life novena, 9 Days for Life, beginning January 19, to pray for an end to abortion.

Obituary: Deacon Raymond J. Smith

Deacon Raymond J. Smith, 85, of Hanover passed away on January 11, 2022, at UPMC Hanover after a long, hard-fought battle with various cancers.

Dodger Blue Gets His ‘About’ Time Due

No major sport is more timeless than baseball, given it has no clock to frantically beat before the buzzer sounds. When you go to the ballpark, you can easily witness a game played in just over two hours, or you can be there five times that long if a tie score produces extra innings. Not having an idea how a game will unfold makes the game the delight that has kept it our national pastime since 1869 when Major League baseball played its first organized ball games.

Christmas 2021 Around The Diocese of Harrisburg

As the Church marks the end of the Christmas season, we share photos from parishes as they celebrated the Nativity. We thank the parishes that shared photos of their stunning crèches, beautifully decorated sanctuaries and adorned altars this Christmas.

Waiting for Dobbs

The Supreme Court’s long-awaited decision on abortion almost certainly is a done deal. The justices and their clerks know the result but they aren’t letting on, while the rest of us won’t find out for another five months.

Submission Deadline

The deadline for submissions to the biweekly Notebook/Parish Obituaries listing is every other Wednesday at 4:30 p.m. Please refer to the Publication Schedule for edition dates and deadlines.

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