Wednesday, March 29, 2023

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10 Years as Pope: Pushing the Church to Bring the Gospel to the World

For a decade, even when discussing the internal workings of the Vatican, Pope Francis has insisted the Church is not the Church of Christ if it does not reach out, sharing the “joy of the Gospel” and placing the poor at the center of its attention.

Pope Francis Celebrates Mass, Records ‘Popecast’ for 10th Anniversary

Pope Francis marked his 10th anniversary as pope with a private Mass with cardinals and an appearance on what Vatican News has dubbed a “popecast.”

World Day of the Sick: Pope Francis Says Vulnerability Threatens the ‘Culture of Efficiency’

Sickness and vulnerability are scary because they are a threat to the culture of efficiency, Pope Francis said in a message published for World Day of the Sick.

‘Being Homosexual Is Not a crime,’ Pope Francis Reiterates in New Interview

Pope Francis has reiterated that homosexuality is “not a crime” in a new interview published Wednesday.

Tens of Thousands Attend Simple, Solemn Liturgy for Beloved Pope Emeritus

Tens of thousands of people were present in St. Peter’s Square for the funeral Thursday of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, a leading theologian of the 20th century and the first pope to resign from office in nearly 600 years.

The ‘Humble Worker’ and His Legacy of Hope to the Catholic Church

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI has died at the age of 95, bringing to a close the momentous life of a Churchman who proclaimed the “eternal joy” of Jesus Christ and called himself a “humble worker” in the vineyard of the Lord.

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI Dies at Age 95

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, a leading theologian of the 20th century and the first pope to resign from office in nearly 600 years, has died at the age of 95, the Vatican announced.

Vatican Shares Prayer for Benedict XVI’s Health

The Vatican’s news service posted a prayer for the health of Benedict XVI on December 28, after Pope Francis asked Catholics to pray for the “very ill” pope emeritus.

Pope Francis: Pray for a ‘Very ill’ Benedict XVI

Pope Francis asked for prayers for a “very ill” Benedict XVI on December 28. He made the appeal for the 95-year-old pope emeritus at the end of his weekly public audience in the Vatican’s Paul VI Hall.

In World Peace Day Message, Pope Francis Asks, ‘What Did We Learn from the Pandemic?’

In a message sent to heads of state across the world, Pope Francis has asked leaders to reflect on what lessons can be learned three years after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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