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Saint Spotlight – Alban

St. Alban was the first Christian martyr in Britain during the early 4th century. He is the patron saint of converts and torture victims.

Saint Spotlight – Marcellin Champagnat

"All to Jesus through Mary, and all to Mary for Jesus.” - St. Marcellin Champagnat Marcellin Champagnat was born on May 20, 1789, the year of the French Revolution, and died on June 6, 1840.

Saint Spotlight – Mary Magdalene de Pazzi

On May 25, the Catholic Church celebrates Saint Mary Magdalene de Pazzi, an Italian noblewoman of the sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries who became a Carmelite nun distinguished for her intense prayer life and devotion to frequent Holy Communion.

Saint Spotlight – Ignatius of Laconi

St. Ignatius of Laconi was a Capuchin Friar. He was born in 1701 and died in 1781. He was canonized in 1951 by Pius XII.

Saint Spotlight – Zita of Lucca

On April 27, the Catholic Church honors St. Zita, a 13th century Italian woman whose humble and patient service to God has made her a patron saint of maids and other domestic workers.

Saint Spotlight – Pope St. Martin I

Catholics celebrate the memory of Pope St. Martin I on April 13. The saint suffered exile and humiliation for his defense of orthodoxy in a dispute over the relationship between Christ’s human and divine natures.

Saint Spotlight – John Climacus

St. John Climacus was born around the year 525 in Palestine. As a youth, he excelled in his studies and was highly regarded by his peers for his knowledge.

Saint Spotlight – Louise de Marillac

St. Louise de Marillac was born on August 15, 1591, near the town of Meux, France. Louise received an education from the Dominican convent at Poissy and eventually discerned that she was called to religious life.

Saint Spotlight – Agnes of Prague

St. Agnes was born in Prague in the year 1200, and is believed to have died in the year 1281. She was the daughter of Ottokar, King of Bohemia, and Constance of Hungary, who was a relative of St. Elizabeth.

Saint Spotlight – Claude de la Colombiere

On February 15, the Catholic Church honors Saint Claude de la Colombiere, the 17th century French Jesuit who authenticated and wrote about St. Margaret Mary Alacoque’s visions of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

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