Friday, March 1, 2024

Guest Commentary


Eucharistic Revival Series: Baptized to Be Prophets

A friend of mine recently adopted an 18-month-old girl. Upon her adoption, the baby was named Edith.

Eucharistic Revival Series: Heaven on Earth

I went to a college preparatory high school in northern New Jersey that used to be a high school seminary.

Eucharistic Revival Series: Seeing Things in a New Way

As I prepared to go on my annual retreat a number of years ago, I looked forward to some quality bonding with nature.

Eucharistic Revival Series: Who Are You?

Who are you?  … No, who ARE you? How many of us would answer that question by stating our name, what we do for a living, or information about our family?

Eucharistic Revival Series: The Rhythm of Storytelling

When I was a child, my brother and I had a small metal swing set in our back yard. It had a two-seat gondola swing that we called “the glider.”

Eucharistic Revival Series: The Rhythms of Traditions

Many years ago, when I taught in the South Bronx, I was struck by the number of students in my class of 41 who were from other countries.

Eucharistic Revival Series: Embracing the Body of Christ

At a Mass recently, I sat behind a young family with a three-year-old girl. She wore a pink princess dress, white tights and sparkly pink shoes.

Eucharistic Revival Series: Dance His Dance

Many years ago, when I was in college, I went to Mass on a Wednesday night at a Catholic lay community called Berakah. This was a group of lay men and women, one Franciscan priest, and a Sister of Charity who lived in the community.

Vocation Awareness: Is God Speaking to Me?

Not too long ago, as I was sharing my vocation story, I was asked by a young adult, “What is the most wonderful thing about being a Sister?”

Carrying Graces into the World

Let me begin by sharing part of a story I wrote that was first printed in The Witness back in April, 2014. “During retreat one year, the Holy Spirit asked me to ask Him for a sign of His love for me.

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