Thursday, January 27, 2022

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Prayer of Forgiveness: Extending God’s Mercy to Others

I originally shared this story in 2016, but it is worth repeating now as we continue the series on prayer.

The Prayer of Contrition: Turning Away from Sin and Toward God

I originally shared this story in my column back in 2015, and it’s worth repeating now. I was talking with a friend of mine who had just returned home from a rehab facility to deal with an addiction. It had been several years since I had seen her and she appeared to be very different from the person that I remembered. She glowed with utter happiness and joy.

Intercessory Prayer: Uniting Our Brokenness

Some time ago, I was reading about different cultural customs unique to a specific area and became completely fascinated about the Japanese art of Kintsugi.

The Prayer of Thanksgiving

In the series of articles about prayer that I am currently working through, we have looked at what Father Eamon Tobin described in 13 Powerful Ways to Pray as the four keys of effective prayer. From here, I would like to muse over what Father describes as the ways to pray.

Petitionary Prayer: The ‘Wish List” That Draws Us Closer to God

Advent has begun. If there are little ones (and not so little ones) in your household, they have begun making a list of items they want Santa to bring.

The Evidence That God Speaks to Us

Let me begin by sharing part of a story I shared in my column in April of 2014. “During retreat one year, the Holy Spirit asked me to ask Him for a sign of His love for me.

What’s Your Excuse? Hindrances to Spousal Prayer

As I sat in church praying a rosary before a recent Sunday Mass, I noticed a young couple respectfully genuflect and take their places in the pew.

Openness and Honesty with God

All of us have been affected by the pandemic in one way or another. Seventeen months after the initial shut down, I have found myself becoming comfortable living and working within my “bubble” of home and office and masked existence.

Developing a Positive Image of Yourself in Prayer

Several years ago, I came across a book called “The Faces of Christ.” This out-of-print picture book depicts images of Christ that were culturally based. I was fascinated at the images within that book, showing Nativities in African villages and images of the Last Suppers that contained chopsticks and rice! I found myself gazing at these images and reflecting on Genesis 1:27; that we are made in the image and likeness of God.

Sorting the Keys to Prayer

Several years ago, I had a wonderful experience observing and then volunteering at a workshop for developmentally-delayed adults in which they would perform menial tasks for a fee or salary. They would work at these tasks during the morning hours and in the afternoon would partake in cooking, hygiene, or arts and crafts classes.

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