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Eucharistic Revival Series: The Two Bodies of Christ

Many years ago, during a Holy Thursday liturgy, the celebrant shared the following story with all his congregants: “When I was a seminarian in Columbia, South America, I was assigned to the Cathedral to serve during the Triduum that year.

Eucharistic Revival Series: A Profound Mystery

Every now and then, I come to compose an article and find myself at a loss as to where I should begin. When an opening story doesn’t come to me at first, I always know that it is time to let the article sit for a bit. The Holy Spirit never fails me!

Bishop Gainer’s Pentecost Letter

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Only yesterday it seems that we were gathering in our parishes to celebrate our Lord’s Resurrection on Easter Sunday. Yet now, we find ourselves a few short days away from Pentecost, the day we celebrate the Lord sending us the Holy Spirit.

Eucharistic Revival Series: I Was There When They Crucified the Lord

Several years ago, the Diocese’ Archives Department had a program that taught middle-school students all about the Diocese.

Eucharistic Revival Series Back to Base Camp

I once heard a 70-year-old explain the original Star Trek series to a teenager. She described the series as modern morality plays.

Bishop Gainer’s Easter Letter

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad. These words of celebration are heard through our Responsorial Psalm on Easter Sunday, and they are words of great hope in the gift Christ gave us through his death and resurrection.

Eucharistic Revival Series: A Trekkie’s Reflection on Humanity and the Eucharist

I once heard a 70-year-old explain the original Star Trek series to a teenager. She described the series as modern morality plays.

Eucharistic Revival Series: Every Reception is Different

Confession time. I am an avid Hallmark-movie watcher. Most of the movies on Hallmark are versions of the same story: boy meets girl, boy and girl hate each other but have to work together.

Eucharistic Revival Series: A Hidden Aspect of the Eucharist

Some time ago, I was introduced to the activity of geocaching. One of the Sisters with whom I lived was an avid geocacher and adventurer.

Eucharistic Revival Series: Miracles, Big and Small

Miracles. Whenever I hear that word, I associate it with some Biblical passage like Moses parting the Red Sea or Jesus raising folks from the dead, cleansing those with leprosy, restoring sight to the blind and on and on.

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