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‘You Are Defined by Your Relationship with God,’ Bishop Tells Students during Visit to Bishop McDevitt High School

As students at Bishop McDevitt High School prepared for another week of classes to round out the month of October, Bishop Timothy Senior arrived with an important message for them – telling them they are not defined by their test scores, possessions, victories or failures, but rather by being sons and daughters of God.

“He loves and accompanies you every step of the way,” he told the students. “Every one of us lives in the loving gaze of the Father. He loves us beyond measure, with an unconditional love…. No matter what has happened in life, we’re not defined by our sins, or our mistakes, or our limitations. We are defined by our relationship with Him – we are sons and daughters of God.”

The bishop delivered his message to the entire student body during the celebration of Holy Mass to begin the day, and in a separate and smaller meeting with several members of the National Honor Society, and officers of the Student Executive and Senior Council.

His visit to the home of the Crusaders is part of a schedule of visits to all six of the Diocese’s high schools now through January, where he’s celebrating Mass for the school community, touring the facilities and meeting with students, faculty and administrators.

In his homily, he encouraged the students to explore their relationship with Christ and be open to where He is calling them.

“What do you think God is doing in your life, in your relationship? How’s it going? How is your friendship with God? What is He asking of you?” he asked them. “Consider the long-view for your lives. If you’re only looking for material satisfaction or physical gratification in this life, that’s a dead end. Rather, keep your eye on what is lasting, what is eternal.”

Following the Mass, the bishop engaged in a casual yet sincere conversation with a dozen students in various leadership roles at Bishop McDevitt. Over the course of the 45-minute session, they shared the enjoyment and challenges of their education, their hopes for college, concerns about their future, and what they think the bishop should know as he shepherds the Diocese of Harrisburg.

“I really appreciated how he asked us questions and what our thoughts are on certain things. I could tell he wanted to get to know us and what we want for our futures,” senior Angel Gulé told The Catholic Witness after the visit.

Him taking the time to visit all of the schools is very important. I think his presence will help everyone get to know who he is. Talking with him today really made me see how great of a person he is. Even with his very busy schedule, he made time to see us and that shows he cares about us students,” she said. “I can’t wait to see what else he does going forward.”

(Photos by Jen Reed, The Catholic Witness.)

By Jen Reed, The Catholic Witness

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