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Bishop Gainer Blesses and Names New Chapel at York Catholic

Bishop Ronald Gainer celebrated Mass and blessed and named the new chapel The Chapel of Our Lady Rosa Mystica at York Catholic Middle & High School on Saturday, September 11.

The chapel renovation was made possible by generous donors who supported Phase I of York Catholic’s $8 million Grow Today, Impact Tomorrow Capital Campaign. The campaign also enabled the school to renovate 24 high school classrooms, which included everything from new air-conditioning, new floors, ceilings, painted walls, lockers, wireless technology in every room with speakers, classroom lighting, storage, and cabinetry. Four new science labs (Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and Physical Science) were constructed along with a new lobby, media center, cafeteria, nurse’s office, and college, career, and counseling center. Finally, a new turf field, practice field, and scoreboard were installed, which 12 athletic teams utilize.

“This chapel is now at the very heart of York Catholic High School. What a powerful message that sends and what a perfect symbol it is for this school,” said Bishop Gainer. “I was very happy to hear of the name of this chapel – the Chapel of Our Lady Rose Mystica – which highlights that we are all the mystical Body of Christ and that our Blessed Mother is also at the heart of this school.”

Phase II of the Capital Campaign is in progress with a goal of raising $4.5 million and will see interior renovation to the Middle School in summer 2022, including 19 classrooms, lockers, and infrastructure improvements. Exterior improvements already completed or in progress include sidewalk and curb replacement, parking lot repavement, and directional signage. The current prayer Grotto will be relocated to a more prominent location on campus and a Rosary Walk will be added. The stadium grandstands will receive a new press box and bleachers.

Every decision made through the Capital Campaign has been mission driven: Guided by a Christian moral compass, we educate our students in an atmosphere of faith, family, and mutual respect, preparing them to serve the global community. York Catholic strives to provide a campus that is welcoming and conducive to learning. It is vitally important to provide young minds with facilities that enhance their academic and extracurricular experiences. York Catholic wishes to thank all those who made this vision a reality. Anyone interested in more information or contributing to the Capital Campaign can contact or 717-846-8871, ext. 322.

By Lori Keith, Special to The Witness

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