Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Bishop Blesses Stunning Paintings Restored at Historic Basilica in Conewago

The culmination of several years of restoration inside the first church in the country to be dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus was brought forth on August 15 as Bishop Timothy Senior blessed the historic renovated paintings that bring glory to God inside the Basilica of the Sacred Heart in Conewago.

The scope of work by Canning Liturgical Arts, a branch of John Canning & Co., began several years ago, as a team of artisans removed layers of paint to reveal paintings and palettes original to the church, which was completed in 1787. The project was undertaken because the murals were in need of restoration after years of exposure, and the work of trained artisans and painters returned the paintings to awe-inspiring glory.

“We want to restore the church to its historical beauty and then preserve it for future generations,” Father Dwight Schlaline, pastor, told The Catholic Witness during the restoration process.

The accompanying slide show features photos by Witness photographer Chris Heisey from the Mass on the Feast of the Assumption, celebrated by Bishop Senior to bless the restorations.

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